18 July Practical workshop “RestArt”

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” Henry Mintzberg

Practices, techniques and experience from the stage art. Exercises, games, simulations. Tools for developing personal and communication skills. Methods applicable to business!

In the training, built on the basis of exercises, we achieve self-confidence and motivation for success. We restart the mind, reload the team with new energy.

Like actors on the stage, managers are under pressure and in continuous communication. Management has a lot of creativity – the art of being creative, working successfully with different clients, colleagues, being a team leader and gaining trust . To concentrate, to know how to present yourself and the company in public appearances, to go out of the box…


• Games and exercises to develop creativity

• Trust and Team building Exercises

• Exercises to improve group communication

• Exercises for concentration and body control

• Leadership exercises

• Exercises for public appearance

• Friendly atmosphere among friends

• Discovering new talents

• Ideal opportunity to team building

• Relax and recharge for a new start …

When: Sofia – 18th July Wednesday – 13:00 – 18:00


Yana Kuzova – Actress. A winner of the Asker Award for supporting female role in the show “The House of Anger”.  Rich theatrical experience with leading roles and participation in international theater festivals and scenes. Six years she is part of the troupe of Theater ” Vuzrajdane”. Professional experience in leading media. She was starring in NOVA TV’s “Forbidden Love” series. As a child she is the lead of the teen “Clip Coupon” TV show of the Bulgarian National Television, part of the TV series “Links” on TV7, leading on “AutoMotorShow” on bTV. Her voice is part of the Bulgarian audio books. She has experience in reading bestselling books, contemporary Bulgarian authors and others. She has worked with directors such as Kamen Kalev, Sunny Suninski, Dimitar Sharkov, Todor Chapkanov and others. Her first role in American production gives her the opportunity to partner with Hristo Shopov, Stephan Rea and Bruce Payne. She partiicpated in many musical videos and ads for brands like Kamenitza, DSK Bank, Arlet Stars, Beefeater Fashion Show, Tommi and others.

Yana has a great experience as a leader in many official events, fashion shows, events of big companies, private parties, opening of road sections, presentation of new products, annual awards of Sofia Municipality and many others. Charismatic and positive, Yana has experience and skills in communicating with different characters. Exercises and preparation for stage and screen appearances that practitioners do also help in our business and social engagement, learning us of useful skills. Jana has been doing successful training with practical assignments

Pepa Vasileva, MBA. Managing Director of BEIED Bulgaria. With Marketing and Business Administration Masters, Pepa has been working for innovative products and start-ups for nearly 20 years now. After several years as a Marketing Manager at Classic Fm and Jazz Fm, she joined Distance Learning Center, a representative of City University, Seattle.

She worked for the marketing of programs in Bulgaria and the development of new products and services. With BEIED she is since 2004, taking care of the creation of certification programs, internal company trainings, seminars and individual consultations. She participates as well as a trainer. The good knowledge of business administration and the needs of companies , as well as her good communication and organization skills, are the combination that brings to successful trainings and regular customers.

For her work, she says, “The best of all is the ability to create ideas and projects with clients, lecturers and partners – people with sharp mind and vivid spirit. That is giving hope, optimism, making me move forward.”

How: Due to the interactivity of the exercises the groups are small. When the seats are filled, the registration closes.

Regular fee: 110 leva

Alumni fee / for participants in previous BEIED programs / – 80 leva

The subscription is available at: https://goo.gl/forms/kznQ5JCwPFFTJ1MS2

• You will receive confirmation

• Only registrations are guaranteed in time.

• Nonappearances are not recoverable. Registration can be transferred to another employee.

• The fee is translated into the bank account specified in the pro forma invoice

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