5 Inspiring Advises to BEIED Alumni by Joseph Vogel

Dr.Joseph Vogel in action

5 Inspiring Tips :

1. Be brave and do not be afraid to create new ideas and solutions!

2. Embrace change and plan to rediscover yourself every 3 to 5 years.

3. Think of your time as the most valuable asset.

4. Treat people with dignity and passion, but do not suffer from fools.

5. Create and maintain lasting friendships.

Joseph Vogel, Doctor of Business Administration (Indiana) and Harvard MBA,

Recognized business leader and lecturer who brings rich international practical experience into innovative training programs. Vogel has worked on Ford’s first “world car”. He has run projects in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Nigeria for several multinationals. Based on his work on Sprint, MCI, Pacific Bell, Vogel is known as a specialist in changes in the telecommunications and high-tech industries. After receiving a Master’s degree from the Harvard Business School, Vogel also completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration and International Business at Indiana University. As a DBA, he received the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma Award and the desired membership in the Ford Foundation. Vogel advises and teaches from his base in Seattle, Washington.



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