The ability to create and generate ideas can be trained.


BEIED organizes practical training on creative thinking in March.Do you think that we can learn to think creatively ?

As Professor Boshnakova mentioned /the lecturer of this seminar/  this is my favorite training theme from our joint projects. And yes, I think the ability to create and generate ideas can be trained. There are a lot of techniques, practices, games specifically created for this purpose.

For whom such a training would be most useful ?

To develop our ability to think outside of the schemes, to generate new ideas, new solutions to old problems is applicable in every sphere, profession, and private life. Today, the world is changing very fast and it is becoming more and more necessary to be adaptable, creative, innovative. We often go into the routine and if we consciously do not look for the new ideas, we are both professionaly and personaly frozen.

What are your observations from previous editions of this workshop?

The format is highly interactive – exercises, games, group tasks. It’s very fun, transforming and motivating. When people are relaxed and do not afraid to experiment or make mistakes then the results are excellent. In fact, release from fear is one of the conditions for generating new ideas. Companies that are tolerant for their employees’ mistakes and create an environment of experimental freedom have great success in developing new products and services.

What would you like to wish to the participants in the training?

Do not stop to be curious. As the famous advertiser Leo Burnett says, “The curiosity about life in all its aspects is the secret of the great creative people.”

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