“Always ask – now what do I do?”

borislav botev

Borislav Botev, MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP

As a lecturer in the BEIED Executive Management Program, what is your impression of the participants?

In my opinion, Program Participants are professionals in their fields with an interest in the materials in the program with the desire to actively participate in the discussions that seek the practical application of the lessons learned.

What do you think today is the most important skill for a business leader?

To motivate your people to achieve more than they think they can.

In modern management – what is the most noticeable change or trend?

Being an adaptive manager.

What is the biggest challenge for managers today?

The enhanced role of political participation in the market economy, not only as a law but also as an inconsistency.

If you have to give only one advice to the people in the classroom, what will it be?

Always ask – now what to do ..?

Mr. Botev is a senior financier and project manager with rich Canadian and international experience in maximizing the profit and value of the shares of large and small public and private companies, including over 20 years in mining, production, Big 4, banking, gas, electricity, utilities, supply chain and port management. He has significant experience in accounting, financial reporting, SAP, IFRS, GAAP (ASPE), SOX, FP & A, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, debt finance / equity, project finance, business processes improvement, M & A, Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Complex Inspection and Project Management with Complex Multinational and National Corporations, Team Building and Leadership in Culturally Diversified Teams. Mr. Botev is recognized in the definition and achievement of high standards. He teaches in Canada and Europe. A great value in his classes is the practical experience and the opportunity to talk with managers about real life and business experience. Mr. Botev works in Canada for the companies – M & B Consulting Inc. and National Project Management Inc. His previous experience in business includes leading management positions in companies such as: Bulgarian Energy Holding, Port Metro Vancouver, National Bank of Canada, Deloitte – Bulgaria, Port of Bourgas, KPMG, Central European University, Balkanbank, etc. organizations such as CMA Vancouver, AOTS Japan, CIMA UK, PMI, PADI.

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