We need knowledge that we can get through experience


You are organizing “RestArt” training in July. Art Practices – applicable in business. What attracted you to the idea?

It’s summer . Restart time. The program includes only practical exercises and games. This is an effective way to learn new skills, to change thinking. We are overloaded with information. We need knowledge that we can get through experience.

What will happen in the class? Who will benefit from the workshop?

Different, proven exercises to develop skills such as creativity, communication, presentation, coordination, leadership. For each group we choose the most appropriate tasks. I think it could be useful for everyone.

From your long experience in education, who you think is the ideal “student”.

The one who thinks he has more to learn. It really is not a cliché. I’ve been watching it for years – the most curious, the most knowledgeable – they receive the most of the trainings because they are open, seeking, motivated.

We talk a lot lately about the difference in generations? Is there such one in the classrooms?

In our trainings, we have people from their 20s to 50s. Of course there is difference.  Digital communication, social media, information overload nowadays creates the feeling that you can learn everything by yourself, looking for example on the Internet. Easy access to knowledge is really great advantage. But if you do not experience the theory, if you do not make your own successes, mistakes, constraints – all will remain on paper / or video /:-) . Now we are looking for ready-made recipes, easy decisions, speed. The environment is dynamic and requires it, but it often leads to superficial approaches. It is an art today to be a successful manager. That’s why the name of our new training is not accidental.

Pepa Vasileva, MBA. Managing Director of BEIED Bulgaria.

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