BEIED Bulgaria celebrated their 10th anniversary on 12th June!

It became the happy occasion that brought together clients, friends, partners and lecturers once again.

Everyone enjoyed the homey atmosphere of ADI’s COOK & BOOK. The artistic glare was in harmony with BEIED clients’ profile – people of diversity, talent, innovation and studiousness.

Our friends from Damyanitsa surprised the guests with a unique wine series – Volcano – a symbol of the volcanic success of our learners.

Jack Daniel’s welcomed the summer and the party spirit with the refreshing Lynchburg Lemonade cocktails.

We drew ten prize winners from the funny quiz “Jems Ltd.”

The graduates of the latest Professional Executive Management Program received their professional certificates – successful, talented and creative people. People who love learning, challenges, new ideas and unconventional ways.

Wishing all of us lots of success and.. see you soon!