“The biggest challenge for me is to stay positive”

radoslava hristova

Radoslava Hristova, Marketing Communications at Timac Agro Bulgaria EAD

You have successfully completed BEIED Modern Marketing Management Program. The most valuable lesson?

With the risk of sounding a bit cliche – the more you learn about the matter, the more you understand that there is so much to learn and catch up … And again, I have confirmed my belief that the human factor is invaluable. I can not imagine what my opinion about other lectures or participants would be, but those ones were a fantastic hit and this was an additional incentive for all of us.

As an experienced manager, what is the biggest challenge in marketing?

For me, the biggest challenge is to stay positive, against the intense everyday life and often disturbing environment for those working in the business – to stay focused and not lose control. Otherwise, it’s hard to be able to create the good idea and to keep your inspiration and it is invaluable for anyone whose work is based on creativity.

What are the most valuable skills for a modern marketer?

Apart from the indisputable desire to always keep up with the latest trends, you must strive to be creative, because no one remembers the imitators, we all remember the innovators. However, innovativeness and originality must not be self-directed and driven by the search for an effect, but must be conceived, supported by the right message and, most importantly, the message has to be delivered appropriately, otherwise it would be just a “style exercise ” without depth , a spent budget … Finally – be true yourself as much as possible because the most bitter experience is to be dissatisfied with what you do and do it without desire – then nothing good happens.

If you have to give some advice to young marketing managers – what will it be?

If I have to be honest, I do not think that young marketing managers need advice – they have enough enthusiasm and creative energy to succeed, and in my opinion the most memorable experience is on the principle of try and error. Perhaps the only thing I would like to remind them is not to be disappointed with the temporary failures and not stop searching and going forward – only that way they will find the right way.

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