“I can not identify myself as a business leader if I stop learning …”

milena nikolova

Milena Nikolova, PhD in Business

 As a lecturer in the BEIED Executive Management Program, what is your impression of the participants?

The participants are a very interesting group, as they include professionals from many different spheres. All are active and with an opinion that makes the dynamics of learning very interesting and adds value to the knowledge shared by the lecturer.

What do you think today is the most important skill for a business leader?

It is difficult for me to formulate a single skill, but the modern business environment and the trends we see require business leaders to be sensitive to their surroundings and to follow many different processes by constantly asking themselves “What can this mean for our industry and the company – what opportunities or difficulties can arise and how to approach them? “. For me, one can not identify himself as a business leader if he does not stop learning, experimenting and looking for innovative solutions to the challenges.

In modern management – what is the most noticeable change or trend?

Dissolving of the borders we are used to: between online and offline reality, between different industries, between the private and public sectors, between social and business decisions.

What is the biggest challenge for managers today?

That many of the established models we know are not as effective in their pure form. Organizations and businesses increasingly need innovative and different solutions to experiment with, because dynamics does not allow the use of template solutions.

If you have to give only one advice to the people in the classroom, what will it be?

Do not stop learning.

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