” the most capable and knowledgeable people search for more learning ” Pepa Vassileva, Managing Director BEIED


BEIED and Triple Pro start Content Marketing program. What made you run such training?

It is marketers to learn and develop their skills to create valuable content if they want to be heard among the sea of ​​messages. Consumer becomes increasingly difficult to be captured through standard forms. The need for such training increases, because this type of marketing occupies more areas. The topic is useful, represented by proven industry practitioners and presented in a highly interactive way.

You work many years in education. What are your impressions of today’s participants in the courses?

The common thing has always been that the most capable and knowledgeable people search for more learning. Intelligent people look alike. Today and years ago they are highly motivated to improve and be on time. Corporate trend is that more and more Bulgarian companies sponsor their employees, which is very positive. Middle management becomes younger, which results in different personalities and ideas in the class room.

Is there a current tendency in the training, which is visible in our country?

They are looking for practical training, the latest tools, speakers from the real business … Skills immediately to be implemented. Our programs are updated annually to reflect new approaches.

Today’s marketers – what they have to know?

That they will have to learn constantly. This is a very dynamic discipline. They need to keep their curiosity and courage to experiment, but also their persistence and patience in pursuit of the strategy.

What do you want to wish to the new group?

I wish them exciting and worthwhile journey. They’ll meet new friends ,will exchange valuable experience, knowledge, ideas. Let be open to the new.

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