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Taken as a whole, the program enables the top managers to develop in-depth skills into all the elements of business practices with an insight equivalent to that of an American Executive-MBA Program graduate at a recognized business school.

This BEIED Program develops a broad range of important managerial functional skills. Learn important principles of management and leadership while examining your own management styles and beliefs. Courses examine the practical application of theoretical concepts using real issues faced by managers in large or small organizations. Skills development experiences that work!



Delivery format

6 modules of theory and practice in the main management functions.

Instructors and guest speakers from real business.

Participants continue their personal and professional tasks while they develop deeper insights and enhance their professional skills.

  • Every module is 4 weeks long – combining in class and DL participation.
  • Each module includes 20 hours of face-to-face classroom instruction in 4 days monthly
  • Duration : 6 months period
  • Instruction sessions are scheduled outside working hours
  • All modules are integrated to provide comprehensive professional development
  • BEIED Certificate granted upon successful completion


  • Tuition Fee – 2300 Euro
  • Instructional Materials fee- 40 Euro
  • Graduation Fee and final work exercise– 30 Euro
  • 5 Partial Scholarships contest 2018 – up to 40% on tuition feе
















Learners’ benefits

·       Elevated level of executive competence

·       Increased managerial skills aligned with corporate objectives

·       Insights into practical managerial approaches to address change

·       Confidence to apply new managerial tools within the corporate environment

·       Methods to introduce and integrate new personal expertise

·       Corporate recognition for a worthy development achievement


Corporations’ benefits

·       Strengthened connection between the associate’s work and the company’s mission

·       Fortified commitment to the corporation

·       Improved multifunctional coordination

·       Better use of analytical tools

·       Enhanced decision-making





BEIED provides a challenging and rewarding transformational learning experience.  Participants stretch their cognitive energies to elevate their managerial skills through an integrated modular program of systematic components presented with structural consistency.


“Train your mind! Workshop for creative thinking

For anyone who wants to learn how to generate ideas and solutions , how to approach the work creatively, how to think outside the box.

23th of March, 10:30 – 17:30

Can we learn to think creatively? Yes!

The world is changing and today we need people who think independently, creatively, critically and inventively.

To think creatively is to know how to create. To create new, useful, applicable ideas. Invent new approaches in business, art, science. Coming out of the schemes we look at issues from a new perspective. Creativity – as a practice exercised regularly through certain methods, which leads to the ability for creativity and innovation.

Training elements:

• Exercise confidence, creativity and teamwork. Game analysis and lessons learned.

• Exercises for creativity and birth of ideas method Medici effect.

• Games improvisational theater to stimulate creative thinking.

• Presentation of the theory of creativity – what an idea how was born and why everyone can creates more ideas.

• Generate ideas on methods of De Bono – exercises and analysis.

• Method 6 thinking hats De Bono – presentation and exercises for use

• Teamwork: a case study using all scientific and presentation of the case, a decision presenting the decision and analysis.

• Games improvisational theater to generate ideas.

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Desislava Boshnakova


• Regular fee: 150 BGN

• Early registration fee: 11 March –  130 BGN

• Alumni fee: 120 BGN .20% discount for VEIED Alumni

• Participants will receive a Certificate and materials


• Fill out the registration form:

• You will receive a confirmation

• Ensure only registrations on time. Seats are limited

• Failure to appear shall not be refunded. Registration may be transferred to another employee

• The fee translates into lev exchange rate of the National Bank said in a proforma invoice account

• For more information and questions: 0887929703,


Seminar Crowdsourcing

February 23, Friday – 10:30 to 17:00

When users work for you or how to inspire the online crowd and work with them

(Crowdsourcing in action)

9 of the top 10 brands in the world are counting on the crowd in their campaigns. It is time for you to join and work with your clients.

Crowdsourcing offers improved business opportunities, lower costs, a larger base of creative power, and less time to develop product marketing.

Organizations of all kinds are experimenting with various  Crowdsourcing initiatives .

Crowdsourcing combines the efforts of many people, each having its own contribution to the end result. The contracting company usually announces a prize that is tied to the outcome of the project. Sometimes it is a monetary payment, and in other cases the group of people can work because of moral motivations (personal satisfaction, honor, glory).

In this training, we will present  Crowdsourcing as an instrument and its practical application in marketing, advertising, PR, and special events.

The ideas you can apply in all areas of activity.

In the framework of the training we will look at:

  • The origin of the  Crowdsourcing
  • What are the genes of  Crowdsourcing
  • What are the elements for the success of the  Crowdsourcing initiatives
  • Examples from the world and Bulgarian practices

The training will try to answer the question: What can the crowd do for you ? But after training you should ask yourself: What can I do for the crowd? Then you will be in the right direction and ready to work with the crowd to make better, more effective, more inspiring and more influential projects. With the right crowd behind us everything will be much easier and more meaningful.

Instructor: Prof. Desislava Boshnakova

Desislava Boshnakova is co-author with Prof. Goldblatt and Shawn Lee for the first book on the impact of new technologies on special events that came out on the US market – “The 21st Century Meeting and Event Technologies.” She also authored the books “Revolutions”, “Political Communications in the Network 2.0″, “13 Stories for W + 2 Bonus” and “Collective Wisdom:  Crowdsourcing”.

Desislava Boshnakova is a member of the International Special Event Society. Lecturer in PR at NBU, author of a number of specialized articles in the PR. Owner and manager of the boutique PR agency ROI Communication, blogger, admirer of TED, lecturer in Bulgarian editions of the TEDxNBU since 2011 and organizer of TEDxSofia.

She was a guest lecturer at foreign universities in the United States, Finland and Greece. She has lectured at a number of professional conferences in Bulgaria abroad.

Fees and registration:

• Registration form:

• Regular fee: BGN 150

• Early booking fee: until 9 February – 130 BGN

• Alumni fee: 120 BGN – 20% discount for BEIED Alumni

• The fee includes the book “Collective Wisdom: Crowdsourcing ” author – Desislava Boshnakova


•The seats are limited.

• After registration, you will receive a confirmation and a proforma invoice.

• You will receive an invoice after transferring the fee

• Only registrations are guaranteed in time. The seats are limited.

• No-show ups are not recoverable. Registration can be transferred to another employee.

• For more information and questions: 0887929703,


Workshop for Presentation Skills – 2 day practical training

5th edition  Date: 16 and 17 March – 14:00 to 18:30

How to present the idea is as important as what is the idea itself.

Presentation skills are key to the successful personal development.

You are the presentation! How to present yourself in the best light. How to sound like presenters of TED.

Within two days, participants will work on their own presentation skills with advice and guidance from the lecturer and ideas for a better stage presence.

The workshop aims to:

• To introduce each participant with his own style of presentation

• To teach participants to speak in public

• To introduce participants to the basic techniques of planning presentation

• To introduce participants to the selection of key messages

• To help participants improve their presentation skills

• And to draw up plans for the development of presentation skills.

All presentations will be videotaped.

Participants – maximum 10 – will receive assignments that will take part in the training.

Trainer: Dr. Desislava Boshnakova

Desislava Boshnakova is among the first to acquire specialized IP education. Lecturer in PR at the NBU, author of several specialized articles on IP. Owner and manager of the boutique PR agency ROI Communication, blogger and fan of TED, a lecturer in Bulgarian editions and curator of TEDxNBU from 2011. She has been a guest lecturer at foreign universities in the US, Finland and Greece. Author of the books “PRogovorki”, “Political communications network 2.0″ , “13 stories of W + 2 Bonus” and “Collective wisdom: crowd sourcing.” Thanks to her work as editor and publisher we can read specialized PR literature and Bulgarian.The Lecturer has presented a number of professional conferences in the country abroad. She leads internal corporate training in public speaking to leading companies and NGOs in the country. Her interests in presentations complements her activities now -  specialty “Theatre director”.

Fees and registration:

• Regular fee: 150 BGN

• Summer registration fee: 1st of March- 130 BGN

• Alumni fee: 120 BGN – 20% discount for BEIED Alumni

• Participants will receive Certificate and materials

• Coffee breaks are included in the fee

• A copy of the book “presented by Steve Jobs ” is included in the fee




5 modules in 6 months period:


Taken as a whole, the BEIED PEM Program enables the top managers to develop in-depth skills into all the elements of business practices with an insight equivalent to that of an American Executive-MBA Program graduate at a recognized graduate business school.  This BEIED Program “minds the gap™” by developing a broad range of important managerial functional skills.  BEIED elevates competence through thorough skill development that applies integrated managerial insights.

The BEIED-Certified PEM Participant will be able to lead and direct a group of managers, professionals, and associates in every aspect of business administration and enterprise development.

 PROFILE OF A PEM PROGRAM PARTICIPANT – A Top-level Manager in or near an Executive Role.

A typical Participant is an established business professional who looks to this program to provide a comprehensive managerial perspective on the challenges of business leadership.  The committed Participants pursue this program to enhance their executive talents and rejuvenate their personal development.

They expect to enlighten and adjust their management style based on an intense and transformative review of managerial skills and insights.  Participants understand that they have an awesome responsibility to learn and apply a broad range of talents and skills to enhance their leadership effectiveness in a time of change.  PEM Participants intend to apply these BEIED Program insights immediately within their existing sphere of influence and authority.

Modern Marketing Management Certificate Program 2015

BEIED Bulgaria and TriplePro announce new Modern Marketing Management Certificate Program 2015.
Practical, up to date, from Professionals to Professionals certificate program in Sofia.

4 marketing modules in 4 month period: in class sessions, practical exercises, field trips, guest speakers, simulations, tools than can be easily applied in the daily work.

From peers to peers. MMM Program to fit the needs of senior level professionals, who will be taught by a select group of business experts with real field experience and the market knowledge.
Scholarship Contest 2015 for talented individuals.


Our program is perfectly suited for brand managers, marketing professionals in medium and big companies, as well as marketing consultants who are looking to expand their professional capabilities in a friendly, leadership oriented setting.

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Dear BEIED Friends,

It`s time for a little fun and relax.
On the occasion of our 10 years’ anniversary we organize a funny game with 10 wonderful prizes!
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