“The digital creative is not as chatty and static.” Krassimir Dobrev


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a communication process of creating useful and valuable content to attract, retain and engage a clearly defined audience in order to change or reinforce consumer behavior.

What is the most important in the creation of useful content?

Useful content is based on basic human needs and it is not just to spread messages but to create experiences for people. Unlike traditional, digital creative is not as chatty and static. To become successful, it must be social, to interact with people in human language and in an invisible way to penetrate in the daily habits of the target audience.

How do we move comparing to the global trends in digital marketing?

There is definitely a change in the attitude of advertisers towards digital advertising. There is a positive trend in which more and more large companies and advertisers pay special attention and additional resources for online marketing. In addition, brands invest in trainings of employees in order to reflect the opportunities that offers them the digital world. This facilitates advertising agencies in the conversation with customers to find a common language.

It becomes increasingly difficult to retain user`s attention today. Are there working tools?

Visual storytelling remains a critical factor in keeping the attention today. We would not ignore the fact that consumers are online to be entertained. In this sense, consumers of social content are becoming more sensitive to content that mimics traditional advertising. This demands more context to the messages and campaigns that solve real human needs.

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