” Imagine Neo in the Matrix … “

georgi malchev

Georgi Malchev, Managing Partner, Xplora.bg

What does modern marketing mean for you?

Let’s do it in one sentence: Less crap, talk to me in target users, self targeting, leads, ROI.

What qualities should the contemporary marketer possess?

Above all, flexibility and alertness – to seek, to read, to test, to apply, to improve, to analyze. And objectivity – some things are obviously working, others – they need improvement immediately. The modern marketer will find it difficult to work without a matrix – if he does not work very actively with the other teams – he will remain the one who clicks on the site, hanging out on social networks. Or the one who knows that a lot of money invested in TV advertising leads to a number of sales if there is an active offering of the service or product in the office or store. But … not the guy who along with others has made a truly integrated marketing and integrated sale machine that accelerates and becomes more efficient with any marketing activity.

What is your message to young people in the industry?

Be flexible, read, apply things, seek a specific and measurable result and improvement. And for a year or two they will become very good – imagine Neo in the Matrix. They will very quickly start not just as black martial arts but also “see the matrix”. And yet another message – this is a sector that will grow very fast in the coming years. There will be great demand and the young will choose what to do and where to do. But they will also have to deliver results. It is now possible to achieve growth in times, but this can not last forever. So do not delay!

What creates your love for the profession?

The ability to discover, create, build. And the professionals I meet and work with.


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