“The most important skill of a business leader is to synchronize himself with what he wants to achieve in his organization.”


veneta andonova

Veneta Andonova, PhD. Business Administration (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Department of Economics and Business (with honors)

You are a lecturer in BEIED’s Executive Management programs. What is your main impression of the participants?

The participants are highly trained specialists and a very nice company for professional conversations. The desire to gain new skills and share their ideas enriches and loads incredibly.

What do you think is the most important skill of a modern business leader?

The most important skill of a business leader is to synchronize himself with what he wants to achieve in his organization.

In modern management – what is the most noticeable change or trend?

The most noticeable change is the constant change around us, which requires a new setting for constant learning and development.

What is the biggest challenge for top managers nowadays?

The biggest challenge for managers is to find talent and support it because human talent is a prerequisite for development and progress.

If you have to say just one tip to the people in your classroom?

Ask all the questions that come to your mind in a loud voice and share your knowledge with others generously.

Professor Andonova is a professor of strategic management and personality who receives attention and respect from the moment he enters a classroom. Her teaching is often described as challenging and realistic. She works in lectures and research positions in bachelor and master programs in Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States of America. After a decade of research into strategy and management in South America, Andonova decided that analyzing Bulgarian data and case studies is the natural next step for a professional studying emerging markets. Prof. Andonova has a wealth of publications in the fields of management, entrepreneurship, communications, etc. She has won prestigious scholarships and an international award from institutions such as: Harvard Business School, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, Brown University, the Mexican Science Commission and Technology, Hamburg Institute of Law and Economics. Ms. Andonova is a spokesman for seminars and conferences in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, USA, Canada, Chile, Switzerland, Hungary and others.


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