“Do not be interested in marketing, be interested in people.”


Olaf Gyukema, Partner and Creative Director – TriplePro

What does modern marketing mean for you?

Guerilla thinking, thinking outside the framework.

Modern marketer – what qualities should he possess?

Analytical mind, strategic thinking and not be tempted by short-term brand victories. Side skills are important today. It is no longer true that if you are good at marketing, then you are a professional. Marketers today are partly strategists, partly copywriters, coders, and data analysts.

From a practical point of view – do you have a message to the new in the industry?

Never stop learning new methods and practices. Marketing is a profession that is changing every 3 months because of the technological evolution we are witnessing today. Hunger for knowledge is key to the profession. Also – something I learned long ago – Do not be interested in marketing, be interested in people.

What made you love the profession?

In the early years of college I had a course in consumer behavior and I was impressed by the variety of tactics and practices that persuaded the client to prefer product A instead of B. I thought that creating dreams and making people believe in them is a cause that  is worthy.

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