Interview with Olaf Guikema, Creative Director – TriplePro


Soon you will give a lecture in the new program of BEIED and Triple Pro – Content Marketing.  Why content marketing has become so fashionable?

Content marketing is already dominant in the “analogue” world, but now its getting more dominant in the digital one, this is why:

From the consumer side: 

Consumers are getting higher standards in content, we see more pieces of content every day. By now the average person sees over 5000 marketing messages every 24 hours. Digital advertising is bad content in general so people learn to ignore it. Consumers are more educated about digital marketing in general. They don’t want to be tricked by clicking an ad which is on top because someone paid the most for it, or by seeing certain ads because someone collect their browsing data. They want to make their own choice, based on research and their emotion with the brand.

From the business side:

Content Marketing is the long term investment in contrast with the most important digital marketing channels being short term investment.  The traffic generated by content marketing is better quality because by its more genuine nature, it’s easier to convert the traffic.

In short: It’s what consumers really want, and because the consumer is king nowadays the result is that it’s cheaper than other channels due to its ROI .

How is Bulgaria compared to Europe in digital marketing?

Pretty good, historical, Bulgarians have always been very much talented in subjects like math and arts. So with the digital revolution, may people here became interested in programming and design. You see now that this industry is maturing here, with all the good things which come with that. Bulgaria can’t compare to Western Europe in terms like raw budget, but definitively in problem solving and design thinking.

Do you think that the companies operating in Bulgaria understand well the need of valuable content?

Not enough. We see that the early adopters in the market embraces content marketing and become successful due to it, the rest of the market will follow in the upcoming years. We believe that within 5 years Content Marketing will be the most dominant type of marketing.

What would you like to wish or advice the young marketing specialists in Bulgaria?

Never forget that you are an consumer yourself, look at your own consumer behavior and learn why you make certain decisions. Most people are just like you, they make the same decisions for the same reasons. 

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