Interview with Radoslav Bimbalov,Creative Director The Smarts AA


You will have soon your lectures in the new program of BEIED and Triple Pro – Content Marketing. Valuable content – is this today the key to the heart of the consumer?

Content really is becoming more and more important. But even more important is to try to involve the user in its creation. Make him think, create and build with us every brand. It is not easy, requires a very targeted actions and involve some risks. But worth it.

Is it successful the relationship between traditional media and the Internet?

Yet this relationship is not sufficiently equivalent. We often use the Internet just as adjunctive media and underestimate its capabilities to conduct campaigns as the main channel. At the same time we should not overestimate the capabilities of the network. Traditional media cannot be replaced entirely by online platforms, whatever a number of specialists in this sector are trying to say. The symbiosis between different channels is the only right way.

From your rich experience in advertising – what is the main trend in the world and in Bulgaria?

The trends are temporary and if you follow them blindly  you risk losing yourself, imitating various fashion trends . Currently in our country (and much of the world) is fashionable to look back – in design, style, sound. The difference is that our idea of ​​a romantic retro rests somewhere in socialism, and there it was equally boring and non-distinctive. I think this trend passed its peak and if brands continue to follow it will soon be in the territory of the total impersonality.

What would you advise young marketing professionals?

Be willing to learn more from their own mistakes, not only from the mistakes of those before them. Times change, users also. If something before didn’t work it doesn’t not mean it will not work today.

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