“Trust and integrity, it takes a long time to build a reputation and you can ruin it very quickly”

johan windbladh

Johan Winbladh, Master of Finance and International Business

As a lecturer in BEIED management programs, what is your main impression of the participants?

Participants are modern leaders who come to familiarize themselves with practical tools and find enthusiasm and new contacts. Participants show excellent business skills and business thought.

What is the most important skill today for today’s business leader?

A modern business leader, you need to know the practical tools and use them effectively. Communicating goals well and helping everyone to understand where we are going and why it is important.

Nowadays in management – what is the latest trend or big change?

The biggest change and challenge is that more and more people live their lives online in their online communities. Step there and get a good business.

What is the biggest challenge for top managers nowadays?

The biggest increase in competition from far and away. The world is now clearly global. Customers have the power. Several bad reviews online and you may be done.

If you have to say just one tip to the people in your classroom?

Serve customer needs. Never let a dissatisfied customer go.


I wish you will come up with a new idea, plan, organize and complete as an entrepreneur or within the company you are working in.

Important for Business Leaders:

Trust and integrity, it takes a long time to build a reputation and you can ruin it very quickly. Check out what happened to Volkswagen. In America they will suffer from a lack of honesty and transparency for a long time.

Professor Winbladt has experience in management consultancy for Ernst & Young in Stockholm and elsewhere in Europe and the United States. Ernst & Young has been a Certified Project Manager for various international financial institutions, working with quality assurance projects in financial management, as well as financial consultancy. After E & Y he worked for Trema software startup, with HQ and development center in southern France. Treme is a mini MNC (now bought by Wall Street Systems) with around 300 employees and offices around the world. There he was responsible for sales, management and motivation for the sales team consisting of people from more than 20 different nationalities. He is currently an associate professor at the CU / Collegium Manazmentu in Bratislava Slovakia, where he teaches high-quality organizations, operations management, and financial management. Johan also teaches at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and Switzerland, Lucerne – BHMS (Business & Hotel Management School). His education is from the Stockholm School of Economics (www.hhs.se) one of the top business schools in Europe, ranked number eight and number one in the field of finance, according to the Financial Times rating of the European Business Schools for 2007.

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