” Look for solutions outside the comfort zone.”


Radoslav Bimbalov, Managing Partner and Creative Director at The Smarts.

What is the essence of modern marketing?

Above all, it must be able to respond to the rapidly changing attitudes, interests and moods of consumers. To catch the right pulse and react immediately. It just needs to be reactive.

What qualities should the contemporary marketer possess?

Trampled paths and tried-and-tested marketing patterns are becoming more and more. They give peace and sometimes protect against failures, but inevitably lead to the loss of instincts. Today’s marketer should not allow his intuition to sleep – it is necessary to challenge her, even to stress her. And look for solutions outside the comfort zone.

What is your message to young people in the industry?

I always say the same to the youngsters who take the path I chose for myself years ago: Your job is to put yourself in people`s heads. So do not stop coming out of yourself.

Your biggest professional success?

I succeed every day – sometimes more, sometimes less, but every day. If I have to point out something specific – what we started with Gergana Ivanova – a small and elaborate agency named The Smarts, who from the first moment decided to be independent, whatever it costs. We work for some of the biggest clients in Bulgaria, we have a huge team and ambitions, yet we are completely independent – politically and financially. And this is our greatest pride.

Useful mistake?

Errors are smaller than the successes, but the number is probably the same. This parity is important to know where you are and not to forget how hard the earth is. The most painful mistakes for me are related to valuable people who have been part of my team but I was not able to hold  for one reason or another. And as it may be mutual, I look for guilt first in me.

Which has made you love this profession?

The feeling that you have influenced some people to make a decision without feeling manipulated by you. And without even having heard of you. It’s great …

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