“We are all presenters”

With the upcoming “Workshop for Presenters” we talk with Prof. Desi Boshnakova about the ability to present our ideas.

How are our presentation skills in Bulgaria?

I will surprise the readers with their answer, but we are doing just as well in our country as in the rest of the world. The difference, however, is in the attitude towards the presentation. It is an indispensable part of our success in life and career because we “sell” our ideas. Changing our attitude will make us much better.

What do you expect from the participants in the training?

I expect them to be thirsty for improvement and ready for experimentation, so together we can find the best way for each participant to make a successful presentation.

What are the latest trends or changes?

I would not call them changes, but rather return to the foundation – the presentation should capture the audience and give her reason to “buy” the idea of the presenter. And this is done with both – techniques and passion.

What makes you a great impression in these workshops?

I am surprised how much the participants know and how cowardly they approach everything that is different from what others do. And my main task is to convince them that it is not just good to be different, but mandatory if they want to go up. You just have to be yourself.

Are there born Presenters?

We are all presenters, but some go more seriously to this task and that is why they are doing better. Others accept the presentation as annoying duty and the result is not what they want. Everyone can get better, but as with any other activity, there is a need for focused efforts to improve.


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