“Restrictions are Mental and Self-imposed”

owen fernandes


Owen Fernandez, B.Tech; MBA

As a lecturer in the BEIED Executive Management Program, what is your impression of the participants?

I have always enjoyed taking courses for BEIED. Participants are willing to learn and always challenge the instructor. That’s better for me. This is not just another certification exercise, but a great platform for sharing knowledge in a creative environment. I look forward to coming back again.

What do you think today is the most important skill for a business leader?

The most important skill today for a business leader is the ability to realize the potential. To influence people to achieve visible and sustainable results.

In modern management – what is the most noticeable change or trend?

The big change is “proper leadership,” which basically means to influence everyone involved in the company to develop and deliver more. People are always able to do more and even surprise, but we need support, direction and appreciation, leadership with an example.

If you have to give only one advice to the people in the classroom, what will it be?

Restrictions are mental and self-imposed. What we can create in our minds and believe in it, we can do that.


Owen Fernandez was born in Bombay, India. He graduated high school and later engineered with honors one of the most prestigious technical institutes. He adds three more diplomas in Management, Import and Export, Marketing and MBA degree from City University, Seattle. He has 5 scholarships for high academic achievement and has traveled to more than 40 countries and has a work experience at senior management level in Africa, Asia and Europe. Fernandes has a Doctor of Business Administration from Comenius University in Slovakia.He also has a Six Sigma black belt. Owen is also a professional psychometric analyst and career coach and mentor. He is also trained in Pearson Edexcel techniques. In addition, he is active in MBA at City University in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as in Slovakia Manager Academy (SMA) at the University of Gloucestershire – MBA and BEIED Bulgaria. Owen believes in the power of the next generation and advocates youth leadership. He was the mentor of many of his students in initial start-ups and career development.

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