15th of June -Storytelling Workshop! 3rd edition

The ability to tell stories is increasingly becoming an important strategic business advantage.

We believe that telling stories can be learned and improved through practice.

We offer this training to help you understand how to influence and inspire through stories.

The technologies have given us the power to share our stories with the world.

Telling stories – as an integrated part of design thinking and brand strategies.

Stories sell. Stories set the context. Stories create purpose and provoke action.

Researches show that regardless of the content of an ad, the structure of the content determines its success.

Telling stories may look old-fashioned, but that’s what makes it so influential. The story reaches where access is the most difficult – to the hearts. Data convinces people but does not inspire them to act. Content is turning into the future of marketing. Bill Gates shares on the subject: “Our brain values stories more than anything else.”

Telling stories is encrypted in each of us. Through stories we get to know the world, share our emotions and keep our memories. But no one spends time in education to teach us how to tell stories better.

Well, we offer you such opportunity – to spend a day to develop your skills to tell stories better that will help you earn more. Because people love stories. What about you?

In the framework of the training we will look at the art of telling stories – from Aristotle to companies such as Lego, Apple, Disney and many others. You will work on your own skills by learning from the best examples.

We will tell stories – about you, about your work, about the company, about the product or the service. We’ll see how stories are the fastest way to capture the audience – online and live.

Instructor: Prof. Desislava Boshnakova

Desislava Boshnakova teaches special events from one of the world’s leading professors, Professor Joe Goldblatt. She is co-author of Prof. Goldblatt and Shawn Lee on the first book on the impact of new technologies on special events that came out on the US market this fall – “The 21st Century Meeting and Event Technologies.” Desislava Boshnakova is among the first to receive a specialized PR education. She was a member of the International Special Event Society. Lecturer in PR at NBU, author of a number of specialized articles in the IP. Owner and manager of the boutique PR agency ROI Communication, blogger, zealous admirer of TED, lecturer in Bulgarian editions of the TEDxNBU curator format since 2011 and organizer of TEDxSofia. She was a guest lecturer at foreign universities in the United States, Finland and Greece. She is the author of the books “Political Communications in the Network 2.0″ ,”13 Stories for W + 2 Bonus” , “Collective Wisdom: Crawling”. She has lectured at a number of professional conferences in Bulgaria abroad. She leads in-house training of leading companies and non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria.

The program is designed for experts in marketing, advertising, brand management, PR, HR, business owners and managers who want to develop useful skills to tell fascinating and motivating stories.

Registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/urHA574uI3GJ79oW2

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