” We tell stories and listen to stories from the beginning of its life” – Desislava Boshnakova


Why lately content marketing is so important tool?

The environment is changing, following the changes in technology and consumer behavior. And they, users already know how to avoid the traditional forms of advertising, but are hungry for authentic, adequate, useful and easily accessible content. So the content returned in communication. I do not think it is something new, just after the lack of content today we need content revived.

Are companies in Bulgaria able to tell stories in their messages?

Some are, others – not. More interesting is that some did not even try. Interesting story in communication with consumers is always a winning choice in the long run. The point is if you think about how it will work in the future. Because people, even if they do not realize, remember. And subconsciously, when they have a choice, always choose the product closer to their story. When there is no history it is more difficult to remember the message. Because we tell stories and listen to stories from the beginning of its life.

The role of creative thinking? Can we learn to be creative?

If I may paraphrase a line from the movie “Ratatouille” and it would sound like this: “Anyone can learn to be more creative.” Creativity is not talent and skill. And every human skill can be developed. The question is do we want to develop our creativity? We want you to be creative in different areas like tax avoidance, buying things that exceed our capacity, etc. Because creativity is a skill that everyone can develop, but also it needs an environment looking for creative solutions and facing the challanges.

What would you advise young marketing professionals?

Ask themselves: Is their work inspires them? If not, what occupation will makes their heart sing. Without this feeling, success is impossible, in my humble opinion. You have to love what you do, so you can be good to have a chance to become the best. Otherwise is a torture.


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