“Trends are changing so fast.”


Professor Asli Goksoy, Ph.D., on Organizational Behavior.

You are a lecturer in Executive Management. What is your main impression of the participants?

They are very eager to learn passionate about their career, love to participate in discussions and share their own experiences with their classmates.

What do you think is the most important skill of a modern business leader?

Leadership, communication and innovation.

In modern management – what is the most noticeable change or trend?

To identify opportunities before competition, gather information to find out possible new directions for organizations and to be different and unique.

What is the biggest challenge for top managers nowadays?

To deal with change. Competition is moving so fast. Trends change so quickly.

If you have to say just one tip to the people in your classroom?

Understand your people and build a strong relationship with them because they are your most valuable asset.

Professor Asli Goksoy , Ph.D., on Organizational Behavior. Professor Goksoy has graduated from the US, the International Business MBA (PACE UNIVERSITY, New York, Lubin School of Business) and a PhD in one of Turkey’s leading higher education institutions for 124 years in the Marmara University in Istanbul. Ashley has lived in the United States for 14 years, gathering valuable international business experience and business practices in New York and Florida. Ashley has gained extensive experience in overall management and later in teaching and education administration. In Turkey and Bulgaria, Ashley has worked for educational institutions such as AUBG and ISTANBUL COMMERCE UNIVERSITY. Her experience in organizational behavior, principles of change management and management, strategic management and business communications are combined with her friendly and intelligent approach to students and an open, interactive style. Professor Goksoy has a rich list of published articles and papers, as well as the latest book in Germany on Lambert Academic Publishing. She is also the editor of a book titled Human Resources Management Change Management Strategies – IGI Global Publishing Company in the United States. Ashley publishes articles for many international magazines on topics such as Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, burn out effect, employee response to change, organizational communications, conflict work – family, organizational culture, organizational justice, positive organizational behavior, leadership styles in paternalist parties and many others.

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