“Workshop for Ideas” – Train your mind!

online ! November 23, 25, 26 from 9.30 to 11.30

The “Workshop for Ideas” training is back!

Can we learn to think creatively? YES!

Let’s be charged with energy, inspiration, new ideas! Change requires flexibility, adaptability and creativity. Creativity – as a practice, trained regularly through certain methods, which leads to creativity and innovation. Today we need people who think independently, critically and inventively. To think creatively means to be able to create. To create new, useful, applicable ideas. To invent new approaches in business, art, science. Going beyond the patterns, we look at the problems from a new perspective.

Elements of training:

Day One: Presentation of the theory of creativity – what is an idea, how it is born and why everyone can create more ideas. Examples and exercises.

Day two: Generating ideas using De Bono’s methods – exercises and analysis and applying the method of De Bono’s 6 thought hats – presentation and exercises for their use.

Day three: Exercises for creativity and birth of ideas by the method of Medici effect.

Trainer: Prof. Desislava Boshnakova

Desislava Boshnakova learns about the special events from one of the world’s leading authorities, Professor Joe Goldblatt. She co-authored with Prof. Goldblatt and Sean Lee the first book so far on the impact of new technologies on special events, which was released in the US this fall – “The 21st Century Meeting and Event Technologies”. He is also the author of the books “Conversations”, “Political Communications on the Web 2.0″, “13 Stories of the W + 2 Bonus” and “Collective Wisdom: Crowdsourcing”. Desislava Boshnakova was among the first to receive specialized PR education. She was a member of the International Special Event Society. Lecturer in PR at NBU, author of a number of specialized articles on PR. Owner and manager of the boutique PR agency ROI Communication, blogger, zealous admirer of TED, lecturer in the Bulgarian editions of the form curator of TEDxNBU since 2011 and organizer of TEDxSofia.  She has been a guest lecturer at foreign universities in the United States, Finland and Greece. As a lecturer she has presented at a number of professional conferences in Bulgaria and abroad.
• Regular fee: BGN 170.
• Aluminum fee: BGN 135 / for old customers of BEIED /

• Fill in the registration form: https://forms.gle/gHPP7u4qpDzS1mvd7
• You will receive a confirmation
• Seats are limited to 10
• Non-appearances are not recovered. The registration can be transferred to another employee
• For more information and questions: office@beied.com


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