Dale A. Miller, Doctor of Educational Administration (Ed. D. Stanford), served as President of several American colleges during his renowned academic career, but, over the last 10 years, turned his remarkable energies to elevate business education and systems in Eastern Europe and China. His remarkable dedication to industrial development in emerging economies enhances BEIED’s ability to teach strategic planning practices. Miller delivers exceptionally well-received skill-development experiences that advance individual managerial competence. An establish project management teacher, Miller’s pragmatic style incorporates local cultural and socio-economic profiles into the insights and knowledge he builds.

Earl Sedlik, Harvard MBA and graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, directed the Business Education Programs at City University after a distinguished career as a management consultant focusing on new enterprise development. Sedlik is an award winning, captivating instructor with broad credentials in marketing, business planning, finance, and technology. BEIED benefits from the depth of his managerial experience and his established dedication to international managerial skill development. As an entrepreneur with a high tech background, Sedlik infuses his presentations with practical experiences and ‘lessons learned’ that add operational insight to all his seminars. As Managing Principal, Sedlik coordinates the BEIED portfolio of services to achieve effective economic development through business education.

Nickolay Nickolov, MBA ( University of Lincoln) spearheads the international development, marketing, recruiting, and operational efforts in Eastern Europe and USA. Since 1998, Mr. Nickolov has managed several operations that address the higher educational needs of eastern European scholars. He and his staff coordinate student recruitment, faculty recruitment and training, credential validation, educational facilities, and accreditation matriculation with many international institutions of higher learning. Mr. Nickolov manages BEIED’s eastern European operations where he applies state-of-the-art, on-line, face-to-face, and blended learning operations.

Pepa Vassileva, MBA (City University , Seattle ) is Managing Director of BEIED Bulgaria from year 2004. Mrs.Vassileva has rich experience in marketing and management working for creative and innovative products and challenging start ups. After several successful years in Classic Fm and Jazz Fm radio stations, in year 2000 she joined the team of DLC Company, representing CU in BG. In BEIED Mrs. Vassileva enjoys the challenge to manage a high quality service that change lives. Her work includes business planning, implementing and control including marketing plan & sales strategy development, brand development, product/service management, events management and training consulting.


BEIED programs are developed and delivered by highly-credential international business professionals and renowned educators from such prominent educational institutions as Harvard University, Stanford University, Warwick University – UK, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management.

All BEIED instructors have advanced degrees and practice within the field that they instruct.

BEIED enjoys as well guest speakers – top managers and business professionals from successful companies.

BEIED principals screen, manage, train, and motivate each instructor to deliver an effective learning experience under the structure.

BEIED instructors are dedicated to the “Mind the Gap” BEIED philosophy of accelerating and elevating the competence of managerial skills. Participants commit to enhancing their skills.

BEIED instructors commit to personally assisting in that process.