“Take the Stage”! June 22 – 24



“Take the Stage”! June 22 – 24

Special training for presenters

Capture the audience!

BEIED presents a new format, expanded content, new exercises and tasks.

For whom: Suitable for managers of companies, departments, human resources, marketing, communications. Necessary training for everyone who participates in meetings, presentations, interviews, trainings and other events in a hall or in front of a camera and wants to present himself in the best light.

What: Practical trainings for presentation and public speaking. Exercises and tricks from acting practice, combined with marketing rules. Knowledge that helps us understand how to inspire and captivate the audience. We present techniques for controlling anxiety before speaking in public. We train to gain confidence and persuasiveness. We focus on effective control of the body and voice. We work on individuality.

In 2020 we have also successfully developed the first BEIED training for public behavior, with a special focus on online meetings. Training that gives us applicable skills in our quest to be perceived as best as possible in the increasingly widespread online communication.

Training sessions – “Take the Stage”!

Starring – Yana Kuzova! With an inspiring smile and unwavering spirit, she will charge you with energy, optimism and specific techniques.

Format: Online sessions and live meeting, outdoors, for the final task.

When: 3 consecutive online sessions of two hours and a subsequent meeting for the final task.

June 22 – 24, 11 am – 1 pm

+ Subsequent meeting on an additional date. Outdoors or online as desired by the group for the final task.

Participants register for the training and receive codes with access to specific meetings.


• How to best present yourself

• Audience engagement

• Exercises for concentration

• Speaking in a way that you can be heard and understood

• Effective use of the body

• Features of video presentations and online meetings

• Preparation for our presentation

• Individuality and confidence

• Rules for successful and memorable presentation

• Preparation of “Stage, makeup, costumes, props”

• Behavior in front of the camera

• Final exercise – presentation


• Regular fee – BGN 360.

• Fee “Alumni” / for old clients of BEIED / – BGN 280.

Registration: https://forms.gle/LQxW5Jz9bzAwkRpcA

Seats are limited to 10!

Instructor:  Yana Kuzova – Actress. Before dedicating herself to the trainings, Yana Kuzova is an actress with many years of experience in theater, cinema, television and voice-over projects. In the theater she has played dozens of roles in hit productions both the Bulgarian and international stage. Yana shoots roles in the Bulgarian series “Forbidden Love”, “Relationships”, “Nashenci” and others. For her role in the show “House of Anger,” Yana is a winner of Askeer Award for supporting role . Jana finds her vocation as a BEIED trainer. She applies a highly interactive training concept combining experience, energy, challenges and skills. An approach that is enormous success, and among its clients are some of the largest companies in Bulgaria. In the course of the training, the become confident and motivated presenters. Yana is also successfully consulting clients in Germany, France, England and Bulgaria.

Moderator : Pepa Vasileva, MBA. Managing Director of BEIED Bulgaria. With Marketing and Business Administration Masters, Pepa has been working for innovative products and start-ups for nearly 20 years now. After several years as a Marketing Manager at Classic Fm and Jazz Fm, she joined Distance Learning Center, a representative of City University, Seattle. She worked for the marketing of programs in Bulgaria and the development of new products and services. With BEIED she is since 2004, taking care of the creation of certification programs, internal company trainings, seminars and individual consultations. She participates as well as a trainer. The good knowledge of business administration and the needs of companies , as well as her good communication and organization skills, are the combination that brings to successful trainings and regular customers. For her work, she says, “The best of all is the ability to create ideas and projects with clients, lecturers and partners – people with sharp mind and vivid spirit. That is giving hope, optimism, making me move forward.”

Opinions from participants in previous editions:

“It was fresh and interesting. It wasn’t boring and I couldn’t even get distracted, even though it wasn’t live. And I liked that the sessions were short. A lot of people don’t think about what they look like on camera when they’re online, but at the same time when they go live they pay a lot more attention to their appearance, but in fact it is the same. The course was extremely useful and I learned a lot about the correct positioning, light, composition and behavior in front of the webcam. I participate in many meetings and immediately felt the difference.”Boris Kolev, Vice President, Devexperts.

“I liked the advices, short, precise and clear. I think the format is quite good. Way of presenting the information – Do & Don’ts. The lecturer Yana Kuzova, a wonderful young and invigorating person and professional. The organizer Pepa Vasileva – gorgeous positive a person with experience and ability to predispose the audience. I felt comfortable and they managed to infect me with enthusiasm that we can make our presentation much more professional in front of a camera, as well as to wish it, not when we have to be online, to feel bored or have an internal hesitation and dislike that we have to participate in this format in communication with other people professionally. “Tanya Markova, Manager – Operations Manager, Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia

“The course is a high level. I liked the practicality. Extremely relevant, very well presented by the lecturer, a must for everyone today. Congratulations to the organizers and to Yana!” Marketing and organizational manager

“You exceeded my expectations! It was a memorable change in all participants. I liked Yana’s relentless energy and tricks on how to look better in front of a camera. Extremely useful course for everyone who communicates online. I learned techniques that will help me to perform better in online meetings and presentations. Yana always inspires with energy and charm. In both the “In the Limelight” and “In the Spotlight” trainings the group of participants was great and managed to create a very pleasant atmosphere even virtually   ” Nevena Borisova, Director of Internal Audit, Dundee Precious Metals.

“You have exceeded my expectations many times. I liked that the training is very practical and we can immediately apply what we have learned. Very useful training, served in small and digestible bites. I managed to improve my vision in the online presentation by the end of the training! Thanks to Yana and Pepi for the professionalism and the good environment they create for the participants! “Raina Mitkova, Manager, EOS Matrix

“I liked the opportunity for dialogue and asking questions, as well as sharing personal experiences from the lecturer.” Yana Ilieva, Project Management Manager, H-vision

“I think the program is great in its form. I liked the comments and discussions between the participants. We all learned from each other. Great energy. Very useful and well-structured information” Front Office Manager

“I liked the positive energy! It was great. Perfectly distributed time to be able to think about the content” Nadia Dancheva, Physiotherapist, Physiofit

“Extremely practical with clear examples and techniques. Extremely effective, well-structured training. Besides being an actress, Yana is a great coach.” Tsvetelina Georgieva, Training and Development Manager, Kaufland

“I liked the recommendations, the techniques, the pleasant energy of the group and the exchange the most. It turned out great in our group.” Irina Stefanova – marketing, communication, coaching

“I liked the openness, the calmness, the general positive tone, the candid criticism, the size of the group. For me it was a useful continuation of the previous training In the spotlight. Yana, as before, was great, full of answers, useful information, smiles. that we will still need such trainings, not only us, but also many people who will have to communicate with clients less and less face-to-face.I wish success and look forward to new topics and development of the idea of ​​how to be impressive and noticeable in front of the camera! Thanks again   “Marketing Manager

“You met my expectations completely and beyond. I never got bored. I liked the friendly atmosphere and contact with intelligent people. I find the training very useful. Like the other participants, I learned a lot about my performance in front of a camera and I started to apply the knowledge immediately afterwards. The acquired knowledge gave me confidence, which reduced the stress of this kind of self-expression, which is new to me. I wish you to stay positive, full of energy and desire for development! ” Kiril Yordanov, INFOMED

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