BEIED is based on clear mission – emerging economies deserve the quality business education to enhance their development within a globalize future. By delivering modern business administration education to the motivated elements locally, BEIED provides the basis to elevate the economic development of these emerging economies.


  • Larger enrollments
  • Enlarged appeal due to additional curricula attracting new market segments
  • Profitable income generated in new markets at higher than normal profit margins
  • Competent extension of existing programs without the constraint of limited existing academic resources


  • Curriculum development
  • Construction of course syllabi
  • Branch operations management and administration
  • Short seminars development
  • Executive and Business Programs development
  • In-house education programs development

BEIED provides highly effective international academic management, faculty development, and operational control to initiate and sustain effective business education programs in an international setting.

The BEIED principals are prepared to develop and deliver accredited programs with the rigor to standup to the scrutiny of American-style accreditation assessment review.

BEIED stands ready to deliver a turnkey accreditable program, with students, teachers, and facilities, within a properly managed system on behalf of a motivated institution of higher learning.

BEIED provides management, marketing, and academic operational services to establish and maintain operations of the highest quality that include all aspects commensurate with academic accreditation including instructional coordination and assessment of student achievement.

BEIED combines the key ingredients for international business education success – mature on-site operational management plus experienced quality educational oversight. The quality assurance, combined with the on-the-ground academic operational strength, positions BEIED as a unique partner for international business education development and expansion. BEIED incorporates the talent and dedication of American professional educators and experienced academic administrators with the seasoned academic operations of a European-based management team.

The BEIED professional educational operation team has been coordinating all aspects of educational operations since 1998.

BEIED recruits qualified candidates, screens them, prepares them for English-led programs, coordinates application, qualification, & matriculation processes, provides the facilities, coordinates all student services, maintains academic attendance & transcript services, coordinates scheduling, and recruits highly-qualified in-country educators as potential instructors.

BEIED coordinates all accommodations for visiting educators and administrators. BEIED assures that all operations reflect accreditation review standards. BEIED employs a variety of educational delivery systems.

BEIED has facilities for traditional face-to-face delivery as well as sophisticated on-line e-learning programs.

BEIED is committed to providing all textbooks and instructional materials to match the academic requirements in the accredited syllabi.

BEIED coordinates the academic integrity through an American-based educational services operation. A team of educators and administrators with extensive experience in international education provides the core academic instruction. They establish consistently high educational performance by employing educational orientation, quality assurance, and assessment of performance programs. These quality assurance commitments reflect processes that they have personally employed in international programs over many years.