BEIED Management Consulting Services applies the "Minding the Gap™" philosophy to assist enterprises facing the trauma of growth or competitive pressures. The BEIED approach incorporates these four steps:

  • Define the Gaps
  • Map the Gaps
  • Close the Gaps
  • Mind the Gaps

Define the Gaps: Working closely with the executive management and key personnel, BEIED principals audit the firm’s operations through a set of judicious interviews and observations. This process defines areas of concern, appraises the company’s exposure to competitive realities, and develops insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise. BEIED develops a prototype "Gap Analysis" to elicit an interactive confirmation of the issues that "Define the Gap".

Map the Gaps: Applying BEIED’s well-honed skills in group dynamics and interactive facilitation, BEIED orchestrates a clarified path within the organization to translate these passions for improvement into an operational processes to "Map the Gaps".

Close the Gaps: BEIED presents a comprehensive training program to specifically address the company’s talent shortfall and motivational needs. Through a renowned approach enriched with robust intensity and presented with energizing vitality and personal dynamism, BEIED instructors and professionals elevate individual competencies and group processes to "Close the Gaps".

Mind the Gaps: BEIED assistance and intervention process integrates a management control system within the client’s operation to monitor goal-driven key indicators of success. This integrated monitoring process confirms BEIED’s role as a change agent and accelerator that empowers the organization to achieve their strategic objectives. The client, working with BEIED’s advice, applies new tools to enable them to "Mind the Gaps".

BEIED’s Management Consulting practice assists executives with challenges in these functional areas:

  • Managing the Corporation through Planning, Budgeting, and Controlling
  • Applying Financial Management techniques to maximize organizational resources.
  • Orchestrating the Business Planning Program for Strategic clarity and Marketing success.
  • Creating the proper functional support for Managing Products and Services Profitably
  • Maintaining Market Leadership through understanding Market Behavior and coordinating a Competitive Corporate Response
  • Structuring Organizational Systems to maximize Competitive Performance through coordinated resource application and personal motivation
  • Preparing the Organization to respond to competitively-driven Strategic Changes