Management Development Certificate Programs

BEIED launches a set of very pragmatic and effective learning programs.

Programs are developed and delivered by highly-credentialed international business professionals and renowned educators from such prominent universities as Harvard and Stanford. All BEIED instructors have advanced degrees and practice within the field that they instruct.

The modules accent and transmit operational insights and managerial skills directly applicable to the current work environment.

The BEIED Certificate Programs fit into the busy schedule of employed managers. BEIED presents effective managerial development programs that build talents and advance careers – without the laborious and seemingly un-productive distractions often associated with typical academic coursework.

Learners’ benefits:

  • Elevated level of executive competence
  • Increased managerial skills aligned with corporate objectives
  • Insights into practical managerial approaches to address change
  • Confidence to apply new managerial tools within the corporate environment
  • Methods to introduce and integrate new personal expertise
  • Corporate recognition for a worthy development achievement

Corporations’ benefits:

  • Strengthened connection between the associate’s work and the company’s mission
  • Fortified commitment to the corporation
  • Improved multi-functional coordination
  • Better use of analytical tools
  • Enhanced decision-making