Company Training

  • Comprehensive assessment of educational – training company system
  • Personal “gap” assessment for key managers
  • Coordination of all company educational programs
  • Comprehensive and individualized monitoring reporting system


  • Enhanced loyalty from satisfied employees who appreciate company initiative to address their professional competency development
  • Confidence that the important task of employee and managerial educational development is being managed by a professional team
  • Ease of scheduling and matriculation to meet the Corporation’s needs
  • Savings driven by economies of scale
  • Savings from leveraging the “training” staff with professional educational services
  • Prudent and timely review of employee progress

Defining The Gap

BEIED is dedicated to elevating competencies through educational and professional development that enhances performance. BEIED is in the business of “Minding the Gap™” for those who intend to close the gap between their current level of competency and their aspirations for higher levels of achievement.

Defining the Gap – Where are you and what is your intended destination? BEIED Company Services tunes their services to fill the operational “gap”.

BEIED is prepared to provide comprehensive educational services in the corporate environment. To reflect realistic goals, BEIED tunes each application to meet the client’s particular needs. Our professionals work with the client to appraise their needs and to define the “gap” between where they are and where they want to be. Mutually, we define the most appropriate level of service to coordinate with their existing practices and long-term goals. Apprising your Company performance enhancement needs BEIED applies our educational resources and our development experience to carefully coordinate an appraisal of your company’s needs. We orchestrate a system to confirm your objectives and to assess your status toward achieving those objectives. Applying our skills to delineate your needs.

Customized in-house Programs:

  • Coordinate all the firm’s development and training sources
  • Develop and deliver pro-active personal development plans for each employee at every level
  • Deliver the development and educational platforms
  • Provide comprehensive, regular reports to the firm’s management